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Marching with Courage

Marching with Courage
Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration and Education

The date – January 10, 2017. Tomorrow, I will find out what baby parts my first grandchild will be born with. My daughter and her partner are expecting their first child on May 30th. I will be overjoyed to find out, but I know what the important impact of having a grandchild will be for me. I will love to be a part of helping this new human being start up with a life of peace and be able to maintain a kind and loving heart throughout whatever circumstances life presents.
I will be proud to be the mother that helps my adult children maneuver in the same way. Being an adult in this world and under the uncertain political circumstances that we will face, takes courage. Being able to move peacefully through the world, while finger-pointing messages “tweet” through the air is going to be hard. Standing up for what you believe and trying to hold onto what you pray won’t be lost or dismissed is going to be harder and even more necessary than it has ever been before.
Courage, for me, means standing up for what you believe in – and doing so in love, respect, curiosity, and fairness.
I have a daughter and a son, and my grandchild will be here soon and I am crafting courage to attend the Woman’s March. Gender aside, I feel this march will not only raise awareness for woman’s rights and issues- but for our ability as human species to practice having a voice. As I march in Boston on January 21st….I’ll march for everyone in my family, born and unborn; for people in my circles and my world, no matter what gender. I am concerned about marginalized groups becoming more-so with this new administration. I don’t want to just complain or worry about it, I want to raise awareness and spark hope. I don’t care about Twitter; I care about peace and equality for all people.
I have two children, I have a grandchild coming. I can’t tell you how beautiful a dream it is for me to think of all people gathering the courage to put aside their fears of the unknown race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, social status, mental illness. I wish for everyone that we see the person standing next to us as a co-journeyer and treat them with respect- no matter what they wear on their head or eyes, or below the waist. I treasure a person or community that can ask honest questions and learn from each other. I pray for this type of world for my family’s future. I dream of the ignorance fading.
Having an innocent life , soon to be born to my child, fills me with more courage than I’ve ever known—even more so than when my own two were born, I feel the continuation of a legacy of love that must be protected . Today we have an opportunity to strengthen our roots. January 2017 is the time to dig in, stand tall and be courageous. The new year is here – it’s time to get marching.
With Peace and Love to All,

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside 
Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration

This past Sunday, our Coming of Age teens and their mentors took more than 70 hats, scarves, and mittens to the Worcester City Hall Common.   As part of their outreach, they attached a special note to each item and then secured them to trees, benches and fencing.


Sunday was an extremely cold day in Worcester, and the day before the city expected their first decent sized snow accumulation. There was excitement in the air among the COA participants- it was fun to run around and tie scarves to trees, but also to imagine what help their actions could bring to the multitudes of individuals in the city that may not have a way to stay warm on the streets. There is a critical shortage of beds for folks who find themselves homeless- and Worcester winters create dangerous havoc.
While a hat or a scarf is not the answer to a cold night spent on the streets, we felt it was something to do to raise awareness. And it did.   The picture below was spotted on Instagram , taken by a stranger who happened to notice what we did:
“These were all over the Common in #worcesterma Hopefully this made it into the hands of someone who needs it. #winter
So with the polar arctic weather looming in our forecast, I sit in my warm house wishing the same thing as the stranger who posted this picture- hopefully our efforts did some good .
I’d like to thank all of you for all the good you’ve done for others these past few weeks- with the Giving Tree, and the Food Pantry, and the Shoeboxes going to ACE teens, and the Wreath Sale for IHN. Your contributions may not feel grand, like the little blue hat left on a city park bench; but believe me , it does add up . Thank you for adding your warmth to this holiday season.
Let the warmth continue by joining us this Sunday , Dec 18th at 4pm for our beautiful holiday Vespers Service “The Light of Life” .
With Peace,


Robin Mitzcavitch Director of Religious Exploration and Education UUCW










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